Endler’s guppy – Poecilia Wingei

Endler’s Guppy – Blue and Red under sword strain

Endler’s Guppy or Poecilia Wingei is a beautiful little livebearer with vibrant colours. These fish remain relatively small, with males growing to about 1 inch in length, while females grow to about 1.8 inches.

From nano tanks to larger aquascapes

Endlers are very active and constantly in action. Since they usually don’t have the long fins of some of the inbreed fancy guppies, they are faster and much more agile swimmers. You can keep Endlers in tanks from 5 gallons – but they like to stretch out when given the opportunity in a larger tank. 

El Tigre Endlers

Peaceful and adaptable

These are perfect fish for small tanks, though, and can be kept together with most other small fish – and shrimps. They might eat a shrimp baby occasionally, but in a planted tank with lots of cover, that won’t be a large problem.

They seldom eat their own fry either, though females can do that if they are hungry. Keep some moss on the bottom and floating plants at the surface and keep the adults well fed, and soon the tank will house fish in all sizes.

Keep the strains clean

Currently I keep two strains of Endlers: a Blue & Red with a short bottom sword – and the extremely flashy El Tigre Endler. Both strains live in 20 gallon tanks with lots of plants, some bristlenose plecos and a healthy population of Red Cherry Shrimps (Neocaridina davidi). And yep… I make sure not to get the two types mixed up.

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