Tiger Limia – “Limia species”

The Humpback Limia, Limia Nigrofasciata is an interesting livebearer that has been in the hobby for many decades, but still retain it’s original caracteristics. The Tiger Limia that came into the hobby in 2002 initially was misidentified as Limia garnieri, then briefly thought to be a juvenile form of L. nigrofasciata. Later however, they were determined to be a new species, or probably a subspecies of L. nigrofasciata.

The Humpback Limia’s and the Tiger Limia are both found in rivers, lakes and creeks on Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

They grow to a size of about 2 inches with females a bit larger than the males. The males don’t get the typical humpback appearance of the Humpback Limia.  They are known to prefer medium hard water, but in my fish room they live and breed in soft slightly acid water and at room temperature (22 – 25 C in the aquarium). So obviously the aquarium strains are rather adaptable. They are said to be very sensitive to ammonia buildup in a tank, so an effective biological filtration, and regular water changes are important.

For a livebearer they haven’t got crazy fancy colours, but a warm golden yellow shimmer, that I find very beautiful. The females will drop 5-20 young approximately every 30 days. They will try to eat their own fry, but if the adults are well fed and there are plenty of cover among the plants – most fry will survive.

This Tiger Limia is totally peaceful towards other fish, but males can be a bit rough on each other. Again good plant cover will do a lot of good to protect the weakest males.

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