Video – Chill out with Angelfish and Tetras – beauty, ambience and stress relief

Well, we all know, that aquarium fish swimming in a planted tank are beautiful to watch. But did you know, that watching a fish tank is good for your health as well.

Here are some of the scientifically documented benefits:

• Reduced levels of stress

• Improvements in sleep quality

• Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

• Decreased pain and anxiety

• Improved focus and creativity

• Calming effect on children and Alzheimer’s patients

Guess we all can relate to at least one of these problems. Use 18 minutes of you time to watch my angelfish and tetras swimming in a green underwater jungle.

Turn up the speakers, set your screen to HD-quality, lean back and enjoy. Life is much easier, when you chill.

Happy chilling, Michael :0)

Community tank with Angelfish, Red Phantom Tetra, Crystal Red Tetra, Apistogramma macmasteri Gold otocinchlus and Bristlenose plecos.

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