Video – How I culture microworms – Aquarium Fish Food

This is a video on how I culture microworms. If you are a fish breeder you need microworms. These creatures are small, but they are larger than infusoria – and smaller than baby brine shrimp – so they close the gap between these two equally important life foods. If you breed bettas, killis, rainbow fish, […]

Infusoria – how to culture Infusoria for tiny fish fry

Okay – success! You have eggs in the mops or newly hatched fish fry. Now all you have to do is feed them. Most aquarium fish fry are small – but some are unusually small. While fry of some species might be able to feed on microworms and newly hatched Brine shrimp as soon as […]

Daphnia – aquarium fish food

Daphnia are just one example of a variety of live food items that are important for your aquarium fish, if you want them to thrive, show their best coloration and breed. And Daphnia can be caught in most small ponds and lakes. Daphnia are not insects. They are a genus of small planktonic crustaceans. Being […]