A small jungle with a waterfall

Jungle vibe in the fishroom

Lately this shallow tank has turned into something like a jungle with a small waterfall from the hang on back filter and lots of different house plants sending their roots down into the water. The immersed plants creates cover and shaded areas for the fish. And they help to keep the water clean and well balanced. Right […]

Scaping a shallow tank

Video – Scaping a shallow tank – aquaterrarium style

A shallow tank almost begs to be scaped in a aquaterrarium style – combining different underwater plants and floaters with common houseplants above the surface. In this video we show how this tank was scaped initially and how it gradually has changed over a period of 3 years. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching. […]

Duckweed in aquarium

Video – Easiest way to remove duckweed – aquarium DIY tip

Video – Easiest way to remove duckweed – aquarium DIY tip Ok. Every lifeform has a place in nature. Even duckweed ;0) But when this little pest totally take control over your planted tank – and turn your beautiful floating plants into a messy mat of greenish nondescript slime, they need to be controlled. If […]

Nano Tank Aquascape - Mossy Wood

Video – Nano Tank Aquascape – Mossy Wood

Step-by-step tutorial showing how to turn a 13,4 l tank into a mossy jungle aquascape. After circling the tank will be stocked with some Ramshorn snails, a few Red Cherry Shrimps and some small fish – probably rasboras of some kind. Updates on the progress will follow in future videos. Make sure to subscribe (on […]

Willow Moss – beautiful aquarium plant… for free

Get it for free! Willow Moss – is a fabulous aquarium plant… that can be collected in the wild. Aquarium mosses are an important part of many aquascapes. I for one, seldom make a setup or aquarium design – where moss doesn’t play an important role. A thriving moss is a micro biotope in itself. […]