Video – Myth busting – 5 die hard myths on killifish

Today I take a look on 5 die hard myths on killifish, do some myth busting… and explain why I think killifish are for everyone… including you :0)

Killifish are an interesting group of small to medium sized fish – that live in a diversity of biotopes across the globe.

Even though these fish are among the most colourful of all freshwater fish – they have never really reached the same popularity in the aquarium hobby as say tetras, barbs and cichlids.

Aphyosemion Striatum, male
5 die hard myths on killifish

Fundulopanchax gardneri - male
5 die hard myths on killifish

Epiplatys annulatus - Clown killifish - male
5 die hard myths on killifish

There are several reasons for that, most of which are myths that seem to be hard to get rid of.

Today we take a look at some of those. Hope you enjoy!

Cheers Ulla and Michael

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