Columbian Tetra – natural breeding setup

Today it’s a short update on my tank with Columbian Tetra – Hyphessobrycon columbianus

About a year ago I bought a shoal of Columbian Tetras. I think I bought 8 or 10, but some of them died along the way. But during last winter a few fry grew up in the tank, to compensate for the loss.

During the last months, after I covered the bottom of the 20 gallon tank with willow moss, fry seems to pop up at a daily basis. They avoid being eaten by hiding in the moss until the reach 12 to 15 millimeters ( about half an inch) in length – then they swim up and feed together with the adults without problems.

I’m not really trying to breed these fish at the moment, but I guess I won’t have to either.

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