A small jungle with a waterfall

Jungle vibe in the fishroom

Lately this shallow tank has turned into something like a jungle with a small waterfall from the hang on back filter and lots of different house plants sending their roots down into the water. The immersed plants creates cover and shaded areas for the fish. And they help to keep the water clean and well balanced. Right […]

Killieggs in spawning mop

Video – DIY – How to make a spawning mop for fish breeding

In this video we show: DIY – How to make a spawning mop for fish breeding. If you want to breed killifish, rainbow fish, tetras, barbs or other egg laying aquarium fish, a spawning mop comes in real handy. It is essentially a substitute for the plants and plant roots, that fish like to scatter […]

Video – Columbian Tetra – surface feeding action

Watch a shoal of Columbian Tetras go into a totally piranha-like feeding frenzy on the surface. These fish are super speedy and greedy, but even the small fry participate in the frenzy without getting hurt. Thanks for watching :0) Cheers, Michael :0) You wanna support my channel? Read on! Affiliate links: Do you want to […]

Red Phantom Tetra – Hyphessobrycon sweglesi

Hyphessobrycon sweglesi, formerly known as Megalamphodus sweglisi is a species that lives in the Orinoco River drainage basin in South America.  They are small and peaceful but very lively fish, that thrives in large shoals. I keep a shoal in one of my tanks, and they breed at a regular basis. No fry seems to survive though, […]

Columbian Tetra – natural breeding setup

Today it’s a short update on my tank with Columbian Tetra – Hyphessobrycon columbianus About a year ago I bought a shoal of Columbian Tetras. I think I bought 8 or 10, but some of them died along the way. But during last winter a few fry grew up in the tank, to compensate for […]