Cherry Barbs

Video – Puntius titteya – Cherry Barb – new fish moving in

Ever wondered why red fish looks so great in a densely planted tank? Well, there is a scientific explanation. Get the answer, and enjoy a shoal of young Cherry Barbs as they arrive in a brand new aquarium, scaped specially for them . The Cherry Barb is one of our favourite barbs, but it is […]

Odessa barbs

Video – Pethia padamya – Odessa Barb – new fish moving in

New arrival at the fish room. A shoal of young Odessa Barbs (Pethia padamya) is introduced to a tank we’ve prepared for them. The tank has a lot of plants (like all our tanks), but there is plenty of room for swimming at the front. It’s so cool to see these curious barbs exploring their […]

Melanotaenia praecox - The dwarf neon rainbowfish

Video – Melanotaenia praecox – The dwarf neon rainbowfish

The dwarf neon rainbowfish (Melanotaenia praecox) is a new addition to our fish room. This is a short video just showing the fish arriving, settling in a planted tank – and eating some daphnia. Anyway, this is mainly a moment of chill video, so turn up your speakers or headphones, lean back and enjoy. Thanks […]

Six-banded Barb

Video – Six banded barb – the peaceful Tiger Barb

What if: Tiger Barbs had beautiful red colours on their bellies – were totally peaceful towards other fish -had a stripe or two more than the usual 4 Well, they would look and behave a lot like their relative, the Six-banded Barb – Desmopuntius hexazona, also known as the Six-banded Tiger Barb. These youngsters are […]

Video – Welcome to the underwater jungle (old channel trailer)

Welcome to my aquarium room If you are interested in planted tanks, nanotank aquascapes, beautiful small to medium sized aquarium fish, shrimps, live fish food, fish breeding and healthy growing aquarium plants … Well, then I already have a lot of films for you on this channel – and many more are in the making. […]

Fundulopanchax gardneri

Video – Blue Lyretail – Fundulopanchax Gardneri

Close up filming of this beautiful fish. If you are new to killifish, this is a perfect fish to start out with. And no matter how experienced you are – it is still a great fish to have in your aquarium. Affiliate links: Do you want to know more about Affiliate? Read our affiliate disclaimer […]